Drew Tanner, Esq.


Young and vigilant, Drew Tanner, sought to learn from the best after he graduated from Rutgers Law School in 2017. His prestigious background and passion for the private lending industry is what piqued the interest of LHR&G. Hand-picked by Jon Hornik himself, Tanner has worked closely with the brightest minds in the industry, and he’s quickly becoming one of them himself. His past achievements, like serving as clerk for the Hon. Katie A. Gummer in the Chancery Court in Monmouth, NJ, compounded by his additional three years in private lending law, has proved that Drew can hold his own amongst our team.

Email: dtanner@privatelenderlaw.com

When not soaking up experience at LHR&G, Tanner is an accomplished musician and music producer. Ask him nicely, and he might just hum you a tune.